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Tuesday, September 05, 2006
And The Blog Opens...

Just so you know, Mokona no blog (roughly) means "Mokona Blog" "no" is just a transition word in japanese. Well Mokona is a CLAMP character, and i love CLAMP's work, so I named my anime blog after them. So original am I not?

My (online) name is Saruko. I have been watching anime on my computer now for a while and I do read a few blogs regularly. I do enjoy reading them quite much and I do have a personal xanga, and myspace blog which I used to keep track of. But Now I am going to try anime blogging. It will only be for 2, perhaps 3 series for now, due to not a LOT of extra time, but some. It won't have pictures as far as I know, yet. And most of the series will be pretty common. I normally watch subs, so it may be a bit late, and the one show I do watch raw is always a few days late to download, not to mention I hardly get the idea of what happens in the dialogue. But I am learning. I do not mind if you think my blog sucks, but that is because I am new to anime blogging. So read if you enjoy my style. Don't if you don't. Got it? Good.

Now for the series I plan on doing:
- Bleach.
-Tsubasa Chronicles.
and maybe - Saiyuki Reload Gunlock.

Bleach - Bleach is a controversial series about Ichigo Kurosaki a high school student, and "substitute shinigami." It has a very Strong western influence in some of the opening and ending songs, and sprinkled throughout the series. For instance, the current opening song (but not for much longer) is "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight" by the Beat Crusaders, and it is entirely in English. The series comes to American TV on adult swim on Saturday, September 9. I will make comments on the Dub compared to the sub if it is appropite.
For more, including fanbase see:

Tsubasa: RESERVior CHRoNiCLE - (also refers to as TRC)Tsubasa: RESERVior CHRoNiCLE is a wonderful series by the famous Manga-ka group CLAMP. This is the one series that I will blog blindly. Well, I will be bloging this straight from the raws, so please correct me if I get some things wrong. I can only read Japanese, not understand or talk it. But on the plus side I will have some occasional manga scans, and you can always put it through an online translator such as google. I am really excited to start this series, because although there is a lot on the web about it, there isn't much stuff that is up-to-date.
For more, including loose fanbase see:

Saiyuki Reload Gunlock - This series is a triquil(?) to Gensomaden Saiyuki. A sequel to Saiyuki reload. It is a story based on the old Chinese legend "Journey to the west." I will not be bloging this often, only when a new episode comes out from the fansubbers. This is one of my favorite series in the world due to Son Goku. I will also occasionally post manga scans from "Zero Sum" which I also buy in Japanese, there is a bunch of cute stuff in there.
For more see:

And with that I have provided summaries and stated my mission. I will backlog a few posts of Bleach, TRC, and Saiyuki Reload Gunlock when I find the time, before I start with the most recent stuff. And also, I apologize if any information is incorrect or misspelled, heck I will spell noninformation wrong. But please, correct me as much as you can and I will eventually get the hang of spelling things right, which will be a big step for me, trust me.